Dear customers,

Thank you for choosing our resort as an accommodation of your journey in Vietnam.

Since you are here, let us share with you our story of exploring this island and how this bungalow resort comes to life more than 10 years ago.

In 2007, in a random research trip to North East Vietnam and Catba archipelago, we came across Cat Dua (Wild Pineapple Island) that locals also name “Monkey island”. At the time, it was still a small pice of land, covered with wild trees. Appaled by the tranquility of the place, a dream sparked in us that one day, we would turn this into a lodging so various visitors  can enjoy its beauty.

The journey soon faced many difficulties. Under the management of Catba national park, the formation of any accomodation within the area has to follow very tight environment regulations, one of which being electricity generation with limit of 1,000 kW. Since grid electricity was impossible to apply, we have to come to terms with using a generator for power. Therefore, power in the island is limited and we could only provide air conditioning within 2 time ranges: from 11:30 to 16:30 and from 21:00 to 7:00.  Solar panels solution was proposed but failed after 8 months of experiment, since Monkey island resort is very close to water front and suffer from an average of 10 tropical storms yearly.

 Being wild and natural, sometimes, some insects might be found, despite our frequent maintenance. Nevertheless, according to the analysis of Catba national park, 100% of these insects are not poisonous.

With all reasons mentioned above, we wish that when you come to the island, please inform our receptionists your concerns or problems so that we can solve them timely, ultimately to create a good experience for you in Monkey Island Resort.

As you know, Tripadvisor is a reliable review site that customers shares experiences of a certain trip or destination. However, some customers take advantage of this site to threaten us to reduce room price or even writing fake reviews and affect the reputation of accommodations. This is happening all around Catba and we hope you will consider when you decide to trust or make a decision.

With nearly a decade of operation, Monkey Island Resort has hosted thousands of guests and always perceived feedback to improve service. Here, we always welcome guests that are willing to be considerate with nature.  

Currently, there are some resorts in Cat Ba taking a false name of Monkey Island Resort to seek profit. These resorts have bad facilities and service, directly affect travellers. Monkey Island Resort would like recommend that there is unique MONKEY ISLAND RESORT AT BEACH 2, CAT DUA ISLAND, CAT BA, HAI PHONG. This is our official website: