Halloween festival in Cat Ba

Although Halloween is more of a typically Western tradition, many Vietnamese do also celebrate and enjoy Halloween parties.

 As Vietnamese people believe that when a person dies, the soul goes to hell where it is judged based on its behavior from the earth to be sent to heaven or kept in hell and souls in hell can gain release by the prayers of the living, Halloween is of closest ritual to the Vietnamese when naked hungry souls fly out and return to the family altars.

With the symbolized pumpkin engraved with deformed head on a typical black-and-orange theme, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, especially in the major cities. Halloween parties are mostly held at backpacker areas, usually in coffee shops, bars and restaurants.  

There are many activities for Halloween party but the most popular activity which appears at almost every party is wearing Halloween costumes. At coffee shops scary movies are often played until midnight while bars and restaurants offer appealing Halloween deals with uniquely Halloween dishes such as blood soup made by tomato and musk sticks or Tombstoned biscuits with the engraved R.I.P letters.

In Cat Ba town, the more upscale hotels tend to throw a buffet party with a $20 - $40 ticket and invite singers and dancers to stir up the party. However, because Halloween was introduced to Vietnam in a touristy way, Halloween night in Cat Ba is basically formalistic with the main purpose: to have fun. 

To: Vietnamonline

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