Do Son Buffalo Fight Festival

According to legend, the festival area and the spirit in Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival is for prosperity and happiness to local people from the 18th century. A land of residents reclaiming parts of it, to be in business.

For the buffalo in the struggle to win higher secondary (final) day of meeting (9 / 8 lunar calendar), to make rounds of the previous (6th lunar month). According to tradition, three villages Son, Do Hai and Ngoc Xuyen participate buffalo are final. Rate based on "peak" of 18 in three adjacent villages to pick out some buffalo to play the last round of each village. Do Son Buffalo Fighting takes place in one session, rarely lasts a day. The fight is just the moment when a decision. Preparation for the decisive moment of battle he is very meticulous and very careful, because this is "god".

Buffalo fighting festival in Do Son, Hai Phong city

Incense in the temple festival begins Ninh Van Nghe ward. Then the procession ceremony injustice, long family flag flying god, bustling sounds of the music bowl buffalo led to the tutelary village. The dance festival is 24 Adult Son divided into two lines have demonstrated a flexible, powerful medium. Color changes of flexible and subtle. Tay neck, legs backward and forward in the battle drum. The flag on the excavated area to a strong, decisive, rhythmic. There was flag waving like silk wrapped up round the body. Dance orchestra in the world battle flag, left, right hand, as the cross at each other like two armies are fighting.

The buffalo fighting festival is associated with the worship of water gods and to continue giving birth, but besides that practice martial spirit of the people of Do Son, Haiphong.


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