Top 20 things to do on Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is made of beautiful limestone islands with karst formations covered in green jungle.  Cat Ba is the main island of an archipelago in Lan Ha Bay which is right next door to Ha Long Bay.

These are top 20 things to do on Cat Ba Island:

+ Visit Monkey Island to see macaque monkeys

+ Spend a night (or 2) on a cruise through the islands

+ Deep water solo dive (Climbing + Cliff Jumping)

+ Get a wild fish pedicure in Viet Hai Village

+ Kayak through a beautiful lagoon

+ Enjoy a stand up paddle board trip

+ Sunbathe in the sand

+ Eat fresh seafood on a floating restaurant

+ Body surf on any of the amazing beaches

+ Bike ride to Viet Hai Village

+ Look for endangered Cat Ba Langur monkeys

+ Visit Canon Fort for a great view and history lesson

+ Yoga on the beach

+ Climb to the top of Monkey Island

+ Enjoy fresh fruit (especially coconuts)

+ Kayak through Dark Cave

+ Take a selfie in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes

+ Fish with local fisherman in a floating village

+ Explore the island by motorbike

+ Party in Cat Ba Town

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