Tips to find accommodation in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Islands is an archipelago with more than 367 small and big islands, covering a total area of about 100 km square and located about 30 miles far away from Hai Phong city. Cat Ba Island (also called Pearl Island) which is connected with Ha Long Bay to create a graceful complex of islands & caves is the main island of this archipelago and it is a must-visit place in the North of Vietnam. Once coming to this island, travelers will have a chance to enjoy fresh atmosphere, admire stunning sceneries, as well as immerse in completely wonderful nature.

Commonly, accommodation when travelling in a tourist place is the first thing travelers often care about. You however, do not need to worry about this since the island provides travelers with a large number of hotels and resorts in different categories.

As usual, room rates in Cat Ba are seasonally changed, particularly in summer, on holidays and at weekends. In normal season, the price of room ranges from 10 US$ to 30 US$ per room per night. However, it is suddenly changed in high season from approximately 40 US$ to 150$ per room per night. Due to this reason, it is advisable to book room in advance at least 2 weeks to get the best rates.

For those are in urgent case, booking room through reliable travel agencies or online room booking websites (for example: Agoda,, Expedia….) is the best choice. The room rates by these companies are often fixed and lowest guaranteed.  You also have a good chance to get promotions for bookings with a large of quantity or last minutes. However, you have to give them an amount of deposit to ensure your booking definitely.

The ¼ Street is the main road of Cat Ba tourist area; so, hotels on this road are the most common places for travelers when coming to Cat Ba. The hotels or hostels on other roads like Nui Ngoc Street, Cai Beo Street… are far away from the center, but it is suitable to people who want to save money. Furthermore, if you are fans of beach resorts there are some offers like: Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa, Monkey Island Resort, Sunrise Resort Cat Ba or Cat Ba Beach Resort. They are placed in public beaches as Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Co 3 or private wild beach like Monkey Island beach (Monkey Island Resort).

Another tip for those wishing to get more reasonable price is booking rooms in government organizations like Postal Office union, Youth union, Woman union. Bearing in mind that, going to Cat Ba Island from the night of Sunday to Wednesday is a good idea.

In conclusion, Cat Ba is one of the most stunning tourist attractions in North of Vietnam that is a must-visit destination on your trip to this country. On planning your trip in this land, knowing where to stay is also very important. Let you be an intelligent traveler in choosing the most suitable accommodation on this island.

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