Rock climbing in Catba and Lan Ha bay

Monkey Island Resort with Asia Outdoors travel in Catba island has organized rock climbing tour in Catba and Lan Ha bay. You can book a daily tour for easy climber or experienced climber at Monkey Island Resort or office in Hanoi at 47 Hang Be street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Tel: 04.39261585 or email:
Asia Outdoors can help you with everything you need to climb in Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. Whether you are touching limestone for the first time, looking for guided instruction, or ticking an international climbing destination off your list, we can get you off the ground! Check out the tabs to the left for details on all we provide.
Our climbing guides are experts on the area and excited to show you the best Cat Ba has to offer. Our staff is more than happy to provide you with gear rentals, guided trips, private instruction, and a wealth of helpful advice. We’re here to help you can get the most out of your experience in Vietnam.
For independent climbers, explore our site to find helpful tips on how to do everything with us or on your own. Check out our online videos or get in touch with us for information on anything from current events, to deep water solo tides, to the local weather. Happy trails and we'll see you on Cat Ba!
Climbing on Cat Ba Island

The climbing areas around Cat Ba require either an access pass or direct payment to the property owner. You can purchase your access pass in our shop as well as inquire about direct payments.
Butterfly Valley … Our Amazing Home Crag

Just a scenic thirty-minute motorbike ride from Cat Ba Town is beautiful Butterfly Valley, our home crag. Butterfly Valley is located in Lien Minh, the oldest village on Cat Ba and one of the most pristine areas on the island. The valley wall is a magnificent cut of superb limestone with over 50 sport routes available. Climbing grades range from 4 to 8b+… plenty of routes for climbers of all levels.
You can access Lien Minh easily by motorbike or with quite a bit more effort by bicycle. Coming out of the Asia Outdoors shop take a right. After 500 meters turn right up a hill. Pass the local market on your left and keep going until you hit a t-intersection. Take a left and follow this road out of town for about 4km. After passing a petrol station on your left, keep left at a y-intersection (the right side takes you to the national park). Follow this road for another 6km through Tran Chau town. After the town the road goes up a steep uphill. After the hill you will see a white concrete road going right where the main road goes left. Take the white road to the right until you enter the village of Lien Minh. Continue on this road up and down several hills until the road ends and you see the cliff in front of you.

Park your bike at THE HIVE. The hive is on your left as you enter the valley, before the road becomes dirt trail and you can see the cliff. Look for a sign saying “the Hive”. At The Hive turn in your access pass to Trinh and Nga and take the dirt trail to the cliff. If there has been a lot of rain recently, the valley may be flooded. Ask the Asia Outdoors staff for beta on how to get around the small lake that forms in the valley after a storm.
Travel Time: 30 minutes
Access Pass:  $2.50 USD (50.000 VDN), to be purchased at the Asia Outdoors Shop on the second floor of the Noble House Restaurant and Bar in Cat Ba Town
Number of routes: 45 and rising
Grade range:  4 to 8b+
Ben Beo WallJust around the corner from our shop

ATTN: Ben Beo Wall will be closed for climbing by January 2013


Alongside Ben Beo Harbor is Ben Beo Wall, featuring 5 challenging climbs from 7a-7c+. The tops of these climbs overlook the entire harbor, providing an amazing view at sundown. Ben Beo is the closest place to climb to Cat Ba town and great for an afternoon or morning.
Ben Beo is accessed most easily by motorbike but you can also get there via bicycle or walking. Coming out of the Asia Outdoors shop go right and turn right on the first street 5 meters away. Drive up the hill and turn left up steeper hill. Pass Cannon Fort on the right and at a t-intersection turn right towards Ben Beo. This road takes you all the way to the harbor. Park your bike by the harbor entrance, walk through the red gate to your left, and the climbs will become obvious.

Travel Time: Motorbike: 5 min, Bicycle: 15 min, Walking: 30 min
Access Pass:  $3 USD (60.000 VDN) paid to the owner of the hotel property directly
Number of routes: 5
Grade range:  7a to 7c+

Climbing in the Bay

Tiger Beach

In beautiful Lan Ha Bay, the southern part of Ha Long Bay, Tiger Beach awaits! Tiger Beach was the first area developed for sport climbing in the bay. Currently this beach is used for day and overnight stays by Hanoi Backpackers Hostel, occupants who are curious and willing to share the beach with climbers. The 2 walls at the beach, Offenheimer’s Creation and Slo Pony Wall, form a small alcove of climbing utopia. Offenheimer’s Creation has a few of the first routes put up in Vietnam by Slo and Pony (founders of of Slo Pony Adventures, now Asia Outdoors).
Both walls have different and unique climbing features: tufas, wombs, dihedrals, pockets, and conglomerate-rock. Routes here range from 5 to 7c+. Two unique features of this crag are the two water-sculpted rock formations, at the base of the Offenheimer cliff, that seem to stare up at you while climbing. This phenomenon only fully observable during low tide.

Travel Time: Boat: 20-30 min, Kayak: 45-60 min
Access Pass:  $2.50 USD (50.000 VDN) to be purchased at the Asia Outdoors Shop on the second floor of the Noble House Restaurant and Bar in Cat Ba Town
Number of routes: 10
Grade range:  5a to 7c+
Pirate’s Belly
This crag to the left of Tiger Beach, around the corner from Slo Pony Wall, is only accessible by boat. Pirate’s belly has 2 routes, one of which is a multi-pitch. The first slab of the multi-pitch must be belayed from the boat and the second pitch is overhanging. Between the slab and the overhang, the rock appears to pinch in at a bellybutton.

Travel Time: Boat: 20-30 min, Kayak: 45-60 min
Access Pass:  $2.50 USD (50.000 VDN) to be purchased at the Asia Outdoors Shop on the second floor of the Noble House Restaurant and Bar in Cat Ba Town
Number of routes: 2
Grade range:  5 to 7a+
Moody Beach

Moody Beach is a quiet, uninhabited beach, just across from Tiger Beach. The area is only a 5-minute boat ride or 10-minute swim from the Offenheimer and Slo Pony wall. Its two shady faces serve as a great retreat from the afternoon sun. Moody beach’s shell-littered shore is home to a couple easy and moderate routes. An old war bunker protects a tunnel leading into one of the faces. Bring a torch or headlamp to explore! This beach faces a beautiful and serene lagoon where swimming is the perfect way to cool down after climbing.
Travel Time: Boat: 20-30 min, Kayak: 45-60 min
Access Pass:  Sponsored by Asia Outdoors
Number of routes: 6
Grade range:  4+ to 6b+
The Face

Situated in the middle of Ha Long Bay, the Face is an incredible and impressive challenge for experienced climbers. This sheer cliff offers sublime face climbing coupled with an unparalleled view of the bay. Visit the Asia Outdoors shop for current information on bolt safety on The Face.

Travel Time: Boat: 120 min
Access Pass:  Not necessary.
Number of routes: 3
Grade range:  7b to 7b+

Deep Water Soloing

Though sport climbing here is well known, within the climbing community our area is famous for its deep water soloing. Don’t forget your bathing suit, because ‘deeping’ is easily the most fun and adventurous activity we offer. As long as it’s warm (and it’s warm from March till December…) and the tides are right, we just can’t stop ourselves from going! To make sure this thrilling activity is completely safe, we’ve explored the DWS crags in Lan Ha and Ha Long Bay to make sure there can be no rough waters to swim against or menacing rocks hiding beneath the waves. Our favorites include Hawaii Five-O, Unemployment Wall, One Pillar Poda (Polish Pillar/ Chopstick), Stingray Wall, and Le Mekong 1947.


Other Areas
Climbing in Vietnam is relatively novel and new climbing areas are in development as we speak! For more areas in Vietnam, check out Ninh Binh (Golden Mountain, Nui Vang, Waterlily Wall, Thieves’ Wall), some recently bolted routes in Mai Chau, and Hoi An (Marble Mountain).
Source: Asia Outdoor

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