Must-enjoy seafood in Halong Bay

Besides many magnificent sceneries, mysterious caves and less known islands, Halong Bay, Vietnam is also an ideal place, where you can enjoy awesome fresh seafood specialties. This mighty region is one of the few areas that are endowed with both the spectacular natural wonders and special marine species – newly caught raw materials play an important role in making the excellent seafood dish. Don’t miss a chance to come to Halong to enjoy excellent seafood of Vietnam such as: Halong geoduck (tu hai), lobster and prawn.


Halong geoduck ( tu hai)

Associated with the Van Don Island district and sometimes called 'spout of snail' tu hai (Halong geoduck) is a precious gourmet shellfish. At the first sight, the geoduck with an ordinary appearance of shellfish does not make any impression on you. Although not familiar and popular like hairy clams, oyster, shrimp, escalopes, etc, the distinctive taste of this seafood seduces eaters right from the first time enjoying. Not only having a crunchy texture and a very special savory flavor, geoduck also has high nutritional value. Even to the local Vietnamese people, geoduck is also rare and expensive. Normally, they steam or bake tu hai and serve it in soup or salads dishes. Steaming is considered as the best way to  remain the savory flavor of the meat of the seafood delicacy. Sweet and cool, steamed tu hai is sometimes mixed with spices to elevate the natural sweet. Enjoying tu hai’s meat mixed with spice will be one of unforgettable experiences during your life time.


Although being available in many places, the best of lobster served at Halong restaurants is the taste that cannot be found in anywhere. With respect to the amount of customers that the restaurant can assist, Halong Bay lobsters have a variety of different weights and sizes. For those who want to eat the freshest lobster in the safetest way, it is a good idea to go to restaurants having lobster tanks. Once coming to these restaurants, you can choose a live lobster and have the experienced resident chef cook it exclusively for you. You can enjoy a wide selection of dishes made from lobsters such as lobster salad, fried lobster with salt, rice gruel with lobster and steamed lobster. Among them, because preserving the original flavor of lobsters, steamed lobster enjoys the greatest popularity. Green when alive and changed to pink when being cooked, steamed lobster dish adorned with onions and herbs is served with special soy sauce or fish sauce. Thanks to excellent delicious flavor and very high nutritious value, this dish is highly recommended as one of the best delicacies in Halong bay.



Prawn in Halong is ranked as the rarest, most precious, and most delicious kind of prawn in Vietnam. Steaming and breaded frying are two common methods of prawn processing in Halong. Being one of the most delicious and nutritious Vietnamese dishes, Halong prawn is often decorated subtly on first class party tables. Some guests can feel nothing special in the taste of the prawn meat and consider it similar to regular shrimp, in fact, Halong prawn has much sweeter and slightly more flavorful taste. Even, its shell also has the sweet taste of the prawn. The crispy shrimp will be even sweeter when you enjoy this dish with flavored potato chips. Steamed onion, herbal leaves, salt and pepper/chili are additional ingredients to eat with prawn thanks to the way they give an amazing taste of the dish

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