Monkey Island in Catba and Monkey Island Resort

a Monkey island is a private island located 2 km from Cat Ba town. The beach here is one of the most beautiful beach in Cat Ba Island. The sea water is so clean and emeraud, the climate here is wonderful and nature are so beautiful

Monkey Island ( Cat Dua island)

Monkey Island beach 1


Monkey Island beach 2

Monkey Island stay in the area of Nam Cat, Lan Ha bay. There are 5 sandy beach here and Monkey Island beach is the most beautiful and the biggest one. From Cat Ba town, you have to take a taxi or motobike to Beo harbour where you go by boat to Monkey Island. It takes you about 15 minutes, throught the floating village and many beautiful islets with sea birds flying in group up and down.

In the past, this island was called Cat Dua island ( Pine Apple Sand Beach island) because there is a lot of pine apple trees on the sandy beach. In recent years, there are many tourists come and they found many monkeys on the island then this is called Monkey Island beside the name Cat Dua.

Monkey island is about 5 km round with the front side are 2 sandy beaches and the back side is like rocky mountain. The beaches here are very beautiful with pine apple trees on the beach and many kind of green trees on the mountain.

There are about 20 monkeys on the island. They live on the mountain, in the garden and some time go to the beach for foods given by the tourist. Coming here, you also can enjoy the song of the birds in the garden or see many fishes swimming in the clean water.

Monkey Island is an ideal place for tourist holiday with many activities like play football, volley ball on beach, swimming, snockeling or go fishing. Especially, you can do kayaking around as the water here is calm like in a lake with hundreds of islets around.

Monkey Island Resort ( in beach 2)

Come to Monkey Island Resort, you will have a wonderful time staying in bungalows, enjoy the fresh air of the ocean, enjoy swimming at the private beach, do kayaking in the bay, swimming, playing football, volleyball or billiard....or you can climb up the mountain for the spectacular view of Lan Ha bay.

Monkey Island Resort has 15 rooms which are equiped very comfortable for your stay with quality beddings, air conditioner, and private bath room - hot shower. Especialy, your room has view to the sea and you can enjoy some drinks seating at the coridor infront.
Monkey Restaurant stays next to the beach and infront of the beautiful garden where you can enjoy Vietnamese food or Western food. You can seat here for drinking, waiting for the sunset in the afternoon or watch thousands of stars in the evening.
Monkey Island must be one of the best place for travellers those want to enjoy many activities, love the private beach...on the tour to Halong bay - Cat Ba island.


Monkey at Monkey Island mountain


Monkey Island Resort beach 2

Activities and places to visit from Monkey Island Resort, Cat Ba:

From Monkey Island Resort, we can organize the tour for you to go to visit  places in Lan Ha bay with beautiful lagoons, islets, floating villages, fishing village, visit Halong bay or Cat Ba national park

You can go by boat to come to Van Gia floating village ( about 5 km) to see one of the origine village on the sea where all people are living in the floating houses beside and the children go to school by boat. Visiting this place, you will use a kayak to make a trip around the village and also you can visit the beautiful "Bright cave" nearby.

Visit Cat Ba with national park where you can trek up the Ngu Lam mountain to see the panorama view of Cat Ba island, Lan Ha bay and Halong bay. Or you can ride bicycle along the forest to fishing villages.

You also can come to Viet Hai fishing village, the bigest fishing village in Cat Ba island where people are earning their living by fishing and you will see the beaufiful sighseeing here.

It is so interesting to join rock climbing in Cat Ba and Lan Ha bay. You can join the group to go rock climbing in half day tour or full day tour. There is a club to organize rock climbing and they will arrange easy rock climbing, medium hard or hard adventure rock climbing. This depends on your age, health and skill.

Go fishing at Long Chau island is so interesting. Boat will take you to Long Chau small island where you will start to fish from the island or on the boat. You will have lunch on boat with sea food and this is realy relax time in the beautiful Lan Ha bay with clean water and fresh air. 

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Currently, there are some resorts in Cat Ba taking a false name of Monkey Island Resort to seek profit. These resorts have bad facilities and service, directly affect travellers. Monkey Island Resort would like recommend that there is unique MONKEY ISLAND RESORT AT BEACH 2, CAT DUA ISLAND, CAT BA, HAI PHONG. This is our official website: