The easiest fastest way to get Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

The completion and operation of Tan Vu – Lach Huyen Bridge contributes the development of Cat Hai district’s economy and Cat Ba tourism. The transportation of route Hanoi – Haiphong –Cat Ba therefore becomes much more convenient. It takes now only total time 3 hours 30 minutes to get Cat Ba island from Hanoi.

From Hanoi, there are some ways to get Cat Ba island. However, the easiest fastest way now is itinetary Hanoi – Hai Phong – Cat Ba. From . You go by bus from Hanoi follow the new high way 5B Hanoi – Hai phong and passing Tan Vu – Lac Huyen bridge, you will arrive Got Pier. From there, you get on the ferry (it takes 15 minutes), you will get Cai Vieng harbor which belong to Cat Ba island. However, you have to go additional 25 kilometers (it takes approximately further 40 minutes) follow the inside path of the island, you will arrive at the center of Cat Ba island where there are almost hotels, resort, beaches, restaurant and travel agencies….

Beside, you can contact with some travel companies to book high quality package transfer from Hanoi to Cat Ba (there are normally 3 trips per day: in the morning, noon, and afternoon). Some good companies offer this service are: Good Morning Cat Ba, Cat Ba Express Transfer, APT travel, Cat Ba Daichi Express transfer, Monkey Island Resort shuttle transfer…. The price for a person/ way from 10$ - 15$ depending the quality of the bus

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Tan Vu - Lach Huyen bridge connects Hai Phong and Cat Ba island

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