Combo ticket from Hanoi to CatBa island by Hoang Long bus company

Departure time from Hanoi:        5h20 ; 7h20 ;  11h20 ; 13h20

Arrive in Cat Ba:                         9h30; 11h30; 15h30;  17h30

The bus departs at: Nước Ngầm Bus Station

* Contact: Hoang Long office in Hanoi.

You can buy ticket by yourself at: Hoang Long Office inside Nước Ngầm bus station before the departure time 15 minutes or you can pay on the bus. It is easy and available. Make sure it is Hoang Long bus (the red bus) because there are some bus companies have a similar name but they do not connect you to Cat Ba town, they only drop you in Hai Phong city.

Head office address: 28 – Tran Nhat Duat – Hanoi. Tel: 0981 222 029


* Or please contact us to buy this package ticket for you: or call our hotline: 0904016318

Total estimated time from Hanoi to Monkey Island Resort.: 3 hours ( by this way)

Currently, there are some resorts in Cat Ba taking a false name of Monkey Island Resort to seek profit. These resorts have bad facilities and service, directly affect travellers. Monkey Island Resort would like recommend that there is unique MONKEY ISLAND RESORT AT BEACH 2, CAT DUA ISLAND, CAT BA, HAI PHONG. This is our official website: