Thien Long cave in Cat Ba island

Thien Long cave ( Dragon Cave ) is located in Phu Long Commune (Cat Hai district) is a tourist destination with many mysteries. According to local people, beside the beautiful scenery like the heaven, this is a place remains of the ancient people life, or used to be a place of refuge pirates ...

From Hanoi, you can go by bus and boat to Cai Vieng harbour then go to Phu Long commune or you can go by moto bike or car from Cat Ba town about 45 minutes ( 30 km). After going by boat, then take a walk about 10 minutes to the cave.

After going through a small gate, you will find a long cave with different cabins like a mysterious cave. You will find here a wild nature without much sign of people livings. There are beautiful stalactitle and stalacmites in many different shapes.

Thien Long cave is divided into 3 different part with alot of stalactites and stalacmites with water running down. In the first part, you will see a huge stone pillar in the middle. The seccond part has alot of stalactites and stalacmites like tree roots, you can knock in those and listen the sound like music tool. To come to the third part, you have to climp through a rock in the shape of turtle. It is so beautiful like a different world with many rock formations.

Thien Long cave - Cat Ba

Note: please ask a travel agency to organize the tour to come here as it is not easy to rent a local boat to come to the cave and some times they charge you much more money than usual.

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