Monkey Island in Catba

Monkey Island is located about 2 km from Catba town. In order to come to Monkey Island, tourists often take a boat from Beo dock, it takes about 10 minutes to go through the Cai Beo fishing village, through several small islands and headed out to Monkey Island.

Monkey Island previously known as Cat Dua Island ( Pineapple Island ) because there are many pandanus fruits wich people often use for making drinks to treat some kind of diseases.

Monkey Island ( Cat Dua island), Cat Ba

Today, the name of the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that the island has more than 20 monkeys, they usually play down the beach with tourists, eating foods such as bananas, apples, tangerines, candy ... funny monkeys playing, climbing impress anyone come here and gradually familiarize people call this the Monkey Island.


The monkeys playing on the mountain

Monkey Island about 3 km in circumference. It is an island composed of sand as there are mountains formed over millions of years of wind and waves take sand, rock, coral, shells of marine organisms such as type shells, seashells, shrimp, crab legs in mountains a sandy beach stretches several kilometers. Monkey Island 2 beach arcs that form sand beaches Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. Cat Dua 1 beach is longer, have stationed military barracks. This is an ideal location for tourists when traveling to Cat Ba because the sea here is clean and very green. There is a restaurant so visitors can sit to enjoy sea breeze, buy drinks, eat some ice cream ... together with a number of services for visitors such as bathing suits rentals, kayak .. .

Cat Dua 2 beach located behind the right-hand side spur of the tiger rock. There is a large gardens with plants such as pandanus, three maple trees si, white apple tree ... and many different kinds of birds on the island.

As to Monkey Island, a favorite of visitors can explore climbed halfway up the mountain, even up to the top of the mountain for panoramic sweeping away the Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of small islands rise over the blue water dotted the white sand beaches of sight in the distance.

Currently, visitors can go to Monkey Island and Monkey Island resort area Resort at Cat Dua beach 2. The resort has 30 rooms built thatched bungalow style home. Each house is a furnished room air conditioners, hot and cold shower, TV, electric fan ... and the internet, wifi - free internet. This really is an ideal place for you to relax, swim, enjoy the delicious cuisine of the restaurant right next to the beach.


Monkey Island Resort Catba

Indeed, Monkey Island has become a highlight of Cat Ba tourist with a natural gift, with bungalow house, with tours give visitors a happy vacation.

* Hotels and Resorts in Cat Ba island

Currently, there are some resorts in Cat Ba taking a false name of Monkey Island Resort to seek profit. These resorts have bad facilities and service, directly affect travellers. Monkey Island Resort would like recommend that there is unique MONKEY ISLAND RESORT AT BEACH 2, CAT DUA ISLAND, CAT BA, HAI PHONG. This is our official website: