Long Chau Island

Long Chau island is about 30 km from Cat Ba island town or 28 km from Monkey Island Resort. It takes you about 2 hours on boat to come here. The island is about 5 km square and it is famous for a ligh house built since French time. Now, there are soldiers staying here to operate this light house.

Long Chau Chau lighthouse is located on Long Chau Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong, built in 1894, with the purpose of the instruction signal when the ship through the waters of North Bay traffic safety.

Long Chau pearl eye is the lamp dear name which is often referred to beachgoers. From afar, Long Chau lighthouse tower looming like giant pen to write on the blue sky.

Long Chau lighthouse is hight 109.5 m which is higher than sea level and distance 27 nautical lighting, Long Chau ship to 49km away still see the light of the lighthouse.

Long Chau Lighthouse shining horns guide ships through the Gulf of Tonkin icon contribute to strengthen the will of our nation excavation.


Long Chau lighthouse

Steps up Long Chau lighthouse

Long Chau island port

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