Halong bay caves and grottoes

Due to the terrain composed of limestone. Halong bay has plenty of island caves. These caves make Halong bay become famous scenic spots and has long bene one of the most interesting destinations on the journey to visit Vietnam.

The most famous cave in Halong bay is Dau Go Cave, located on the island of the same name. Regarding the name of the cave, there is a legend that explains in the war against the Mongol invaders, Tran Hung Dao has prepared many ironwood stakes here to plug into the Bach Dang river, so that customers can also call this cave Dau Go cave, long time then the residents called this cave name Dau Go. Gone Meivelle de Monde (Wonders of the World) published in French in 1938, owner of the world famous scenic spots, Dau Go Cave was honored as the "wonders of the" (Grotto des meivellis). Hang Dau Go is divided into three compartments. Outer compartment shaped arches, ceiling cave looks like a painting "oil painting" huge draw unspoiled natural landscape. 1917, King Khai Dinh visited Dau Go cave, was amazed at the beauty of the Creator elves did ode to the beauty of Halong non water, then transfer to the stele. Currently, the stele is still moving right door. In folk, this still handed down sentences folk: Hong Gai Bai Tho Mountain / There Dau, with Long Tien Pagoda - testament to the beauty and popularity of the cave.

Dau Go cave - Halong bay

Located in the heart of the World Heritage Halong Bay Sung Sot Cave of Bo Hon Island. The former French name is Bo Hon Island les Suprices Grotto (of the startling). Sung Sot cave is located on the route: Ti - top beach - Bo Nau cave - dynamic Maze - Luon cave - Sung Sot cave. Road to Sung Sot Cave slipped under the forest canopy, the steep stone steps transplantation. Hang Sung Sot two main compartments with many stalactites formed stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers...

Surprising cave Halong bay

The same sequence is located on Bo Hon Island Cave Virgin. The old French cave is called le Virgin Grotto (of the girl). Regarding the name of the cave, legend has it that there was a girl beautiful fishing villages, the poor. Seeing beautiful girl, named landowners in the area forced to marry her to his family's second wife, but she refused because she had a lover. Do not squeeze her name was banished her landlord desert island. A stormy rainy night, she was exhausted and chemicals into rock. News, guys find her sailing absorbed. Storm strikes that shattered his boat, the boy washed up desert island. The guy came and knocked stones into the cliff to report that he had come. He knocked until your hands bleed profusely, exhausted and petrified. Where he was petrified hang drum (aka Cave Boy), opposite the Virgin cave.

The longest and still retain much rawness in the caves on Ha Long Bay is hang Hanh , Quang Hanh Ward ( Cam Pha ) . Hang 1,3km length, running through the mountains to the sea Quang Hanh . Want to hang only small boats can go and wait for the tide is low and to carry electricity for lights in the dark cave . Hang Dong Tien Lake is a beautiful cave. In particular, the cave still retain a lot of traces of the movement of the geological formation of caves, stalactites ...

Over the years, the cave is the destination of tourists to visit Halong Bay. Besides bringing revenue for tourism activities, installing lighting , footprints , breath out carbon dioxide emissions visitors ... have a significant impact , affecting the environment of the cave . This issue has repeatedly been the scientists warned.

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