Co To island and Quan Lan Island

The paradise blue sea and white sand not only in central and southern Vietnam. In the north, Co To Island (Quang Ninh) is a hidden charm for visitors by pristine beaches with white sand and blue water. In Halong Bay tour, you can spend 1-2 days exploring the island. For a trip to Co To island, it is always memorable and meaningful

About Co To Island

Co To Island/Beach in Quang Ninh Province is probably the most beautiful and romantic beach of Vietnam with transparent blue sea, white smooth sand, golden sunshine, and green mountains and forest.

Co To island have 3 beaches included: Vàn Chải beach, Hồng Vàn beach, Co To Con beach

In Co To, you might feel free to immerse into the clean water while watching flocks of seagull flying above or wandering around the beach to look for their foods. With many options of beaches in Co To, you should never worry about finding a good spot for a relaxing afternoon lying on the beach.


What to do in Co To island?
- Hire a boat out to the island of enchantment Co and feel where wild air. You can rent boats at the beach asked North Van, a boat's price 600000-800000 dong (follow route), each boat carrying about 12 people.

- If you wish you can contact Island to go fishing at night squid fishing with them.

- You can organize a barbecue on the beach. You should get up early to go shopping, buy seafood such as squid, scallops, clams ... and dark roasted to bring out in the ocean. If the market does not go soon, you can order fresh seafood at restaurants on the island.

The emphasis in Coto:

- Vàn Chải beah is so beautiful in the morning as the water is still low and the beach is wider

- Hong Van beach

- Watching from the Lighthouse Co at dawn or dusk

- Cycling in Co To island road

- BBQ on beach

- Visit Beach Stones area

- The lighthouse is located at an altitude of more than a hundred meters above sea level, next to the lamp also has a smaller lamp. Energy for the lighthouse is not dependent electrical grid or diesel engines, which are derived from solar energy, accumulated in a storage battery system, to ensure that in any weather conditions, the lighthouse is still on. Perhaps this is one of the lighthouses have the best views, by standing on a mountain top between islands, so four is the blue sea, near the mountains, away from the island, beyond which the land to the winding mountain

If you're a fan of exploring the unspoiled islands of Co would be the appropriate place for your weekends.

From Hanoi, for buses to Cam Pha and Cua Ong at My Dinh bus station and Luong Yen bus station. Price is about 200,000 VND / turn. Automakers go best Vietnamese Hoang Thanh Long and Kumho (My Dinh bus station, 45-seat new car, starting 15 minutes / car journey with Hoang Long and 30 minutes / car trip with Kumho Vietnam Thanh). There are other tour operators as continuous Defu, Phuc Xuyen, Vietnam Thanh (24 seat vehicles, pickup often). Time from Hanoi to Cua Ong about 4 hours.

Nga Ba Van Don (Bai Chay) is the point of the journey to Hanoi-Co. Go here, you catch the local bus Sea "The Dragon" to go Cai Rong. If you take the bus to ask the Post Office in Van Don. From this location, about 1.5 km further to the port of Cai Rong. You can take taxi or walk to the harbor to rest for the next morning to Cai Rong by boat.

High speed train: Depart at 7:30 am, 12:30, 13:00-13h30 weekdays - between 75-90 minutes, rates ranged from 135000-180000 dong / time / person. (Weekdays and weekends). Preset speed boat from Cai Rong take the number: 0979089012, from the Co at: 0978781423 or buy tickets directly at Coto Lodge (0978781423, 0,988,071,100). So to avoid all ticket booking tickets on weekends, peak periods.

Note: If you want to keep up to Cai Rong morning train to the island, you have to Bai Chay before 17 pm the day before to catch the last bus and stay at The Dragon. This area also many motels, hotels cost from VND 250,000 / night.

Go back on the island you can rent Co motorbike for 200,000 VND / day (excluding petrol). If you can not use 2 or motorbike vehicles as taxis.
In addition, you can also rent cars or trams seat 16 at Coto lodge for visiting priced online 200.000/xe to 800.000/xe/chuyen.

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